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Why Evoclear ?

The Not-Too-Big, Friendly Filter Company You Can Trust (And Get A Hold Of) So Refreshing. In So Many Ways

For years, Evoclear has been synonymous with the SAFEST and SOFTEST water on the market. Our top priority is your family’s health and quality of life. But that’s only the beginning... salt free softener

For years, Evoclear has been synonymous with the SAFEST and SOFTEST water on the market. Our top priority is your family’s health and quality of life. But that’s only the beginning... salt free softener


The Evoclear experience is smooth, pleasant, and seamless. (Check out our rave reviews here.)

We NEVER pressure you to buy. We won’t “cut and run” after your purchase. We’re just as responsive and accessible AFTER the sale, as before. We’re your company for life, and your ongoing needs are our primary concern.

Evoclear is the affordable, headache-free way to have safe, healthy, and soft water—with zero maintenance, total peace of mind, and a lifetime guarantee.

Customer Care

Evoclear is the perfect sized company. We’re large and reputable, to give you top-quality products, and ensure we’ll be around for years to come.

Yet we’re not TOO big.

You can get a real live human being on the phone or by email in no time. We’re friendly and helpful, and spend time answering questions, solving problems, and making sure your system works exactly the way it’s supposed to.

We care about each customer, whether it’s been 10 minutes or 10 years. If you’ve ever purchased an Evoclear product, we’re with you for life. Period.

Well-Crafted Systems

We never cut corners. Evoclear systems make your water extremely pure and great-tasting (bottled quality). Made with the best parts and filters on the market, they last for decades with zero maintenance.

How do we keep prices so low?

Simple. We swallow the cost.

We confess, we’re out to turn a profit. Who isn’t? But we recognize that the way to succeed is to offer the best product, and make it affordable. If you’re happy, we BOTH win.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our products. We’re proud of our stellar reputation, and plan to keep it that way. If you ever have a problem with a part, call us and we’ll replace it. Free of charge.

t’s frustrating to reach out to a manufacturer and get no response. We ALWAYS respond, and we’re here to help. Simply call or shoot us an email. Anytime.

90 Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee (Try it and love it!)

A whole house filter or softening system is an investment. You need security. You can’t go in “blind.” It’s simply too big a decision.

That’s why we’ll refund every penny within the first 90 days. Unconditionally. Zero fine print. Guaranteed.

It doesn't get any safer than that!

Salt Free Water Softeners—The Only Way To Go

We decided years ago to never sell salt-based water softeners. We know the frustration. Lugging salt bags around, cleaning out tanks every month, stripping water of the healthy minerals your family deserves.

Surely there was a better way.

We set out to design and perfect a salt free water softener system. They’re zero maintenance, with no monthly cost. And they leave the good stuff in your kids’ drinking cups, where it belongs

Whole House Filters

Our all-natural carbon filters remove up to 99% of chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, and hundreds of other contaminants not regulated by municipal water supplies.

They’re made of real coconut shell to give water a delicious taste. Even the EPA says carbon filtration is one of the best ways to remove most common contaminants

No Salespeople

Other companies give their sales staff commission to make them pressure customers. Not us.

At Evoclear—we let our products, referrals, and reviews do the talking.

We guarantee that you will never be sold on ANY system. You’ll find it super "refreshing" to work with a company that simply provides information, instead of trying to sell you every step of the way.

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