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General Water FAQ

Why do I need to filter the water in my home?
Home owners today are becoming more and more concerned about the quality of their water.  The majority of Americans do not drink straight from tap.  Whether you are on city water or a private well (well water), it is important to know the quality of your water and if there are any major contaminants in the water.  Water filtration greatly reduces the amount of contaminants that may be present in your water.

What type of filtration do you use?
Our whole house carbon filters use the highest grade of activated carbon on the market today.  The EPA has stated that carbon filters are the most efficient method used to improve the quality of your water.  We use only the best blends of carbon available to suit your individual water needs.


What does your carbon filter remove from the water?

Our carbon filters will greatly reduce up to 99% of contaminants such as:

  • Chlorine
  • Chloramine
  • VOCs  (Volatile organic compounds)
  • SOCs. (synthetic organic compounds)
  • THMs
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Industrial Solvents

In addition, our carbon filters will reduce other contaminants not regularly checked at the municipal water district.


Why is it important to remove chlorine from the water?
Chlorine is likely the biggest concern for home owners on city water.  Chlorine is a disinfectant added to the water by the water treatment plant to kill bacteria.  While it does a good job at killing bacteria, chlorine which is a chemical, added to the water creates a different set of problems.  As the water becomes more contaminated, more chlorine is added.  In recent years chlorine levels have risen.   Feelgoodwellness.com states “Chlorine's attraction to, and corrosion of organic material doesn't end at the bacteria in the water. Chlorine also attacks your hair, skin, and lungs, as they are organic as well. Chlorine can leave your hair dry and brittle and make your skin flaky and itchy. It can also trigger negative reactions in children, the elderly, and people with chlorine-sensitivity.”

Chlorine has also been linked to increasing the risk of cancer.  It is very important to filter out chlorine and prevent it from entering your tap water inside your home.

Why does hard water need to be addressed?
Hard water is a major problem for the majority of Americans.  Around 85% of Americans deal with the effects of hard water.  Hard water is the exact cause or a contributing factor for the deterioration of home appliances, plumbing issues, facets, windows and more that cause millions of dollars in damages in America every year.  The formation of lime scale and scale buildup in pipes result in great damages to home owners.  Properly dealing with hard water to eliminate scale build up in your home is essential.

Why do you only carry salt free water softeners?
We do not carry any salt based water softeners because of their harmful effects to the environments as well as the high sodium content added to the drinking water.  County wide bans of salt based water softeners are occurring all over the U.S.  It is extremely difficult to take the sodium out of the water supply and causes major issues to farmers as sodium will kill any growing plant.   It also affects usable drinking water which is becoming scarcer.

Traditional salt softeners also take out calcium and magnesium (minerals found in hard water) which is essential to bone growth and a healthy diet.  Replacing calcium with sodium which is unhealthy to consume is not an efficient way to deal with the effects of hard water.  Salt free water softeners are the overall best method to treat hard water.

Is calcium and magnesium a contaminant?
While some might think this is a silly question, there are a lot of local water dealers who use scare tactics saying that calcium and magnesium (found in hard water) are contaminants and need to be removed.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Calcium and magnesium are essential to our diets.  Removing it from our drinking water in our home is very unhealthy.  Even if you were to get more calcium and magnesium from food or supplements, not having it in your water diet is problematic because 60% of your body is water.  When the water in your body does not contain calcium or magnesium it starts to cause an imbalance in your body. Water is the most important nutrient and removing calcium and magnesium from it, can be harmful to your health.  Our water softeners leave in the essential calcium and magnesium while not allowing scale to occur.

Where do you install the whole house water filters and softeners?
All the salt free softeners and whole house filters are installed on the main water line prior to it entering any tap in your home.  You should have a break in the main line that allows for access to the water either in the garage, basement, or outside.  

Do I need to get my water tested?
If you live on city water it usually is not required to get your water tested.  For well water owners, it is important to get your water tested every year.  

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