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EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener | No Salt Water Softener | Saltless Water Softening System

Remove Existing Limescale & Prevent Future Buildup With The Evoclear Saltless Water Softener Using FILTERSMART Technology. The Evoclear Salt Free Water Softener Requires No Maintenance, Wastes No Water, & Saves You Money Guaranteed!  Finally Put An End To Hard Water Today!

  • 100% Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Try It & Love It For 90 Days
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Support
  • No Chemicals Used
  • No Wasted Water
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Easy Installation
Real Evoclear Review

Love the system! Had it for a few months now and can’t really say enough. So much better than your tradtional salt system and finally no more sodium in the water. We are really glad we went with Evoclear for our no salt water softener!
Lauren L.

Why Evoclear?
Free Shipping No-Hassle Returns Amazing Customer Support 90 days Money Back Guarantee
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Retail Price: $1,436.25

Our Price: $1,149.00


Retail Price: $1,436.25

Our Price: $1,149.00




Enjoy Scale-Free Appliances, Save $ On Appliances, & Stop Hard Water Dead In Its Tracks

We have all been there & we have all experienced the headaches & the overall annoyance of hard water.

But… There is finally a solution to all of that.

Finally get rid of hard water & say goodbye to the constant headaches that hard water creates once & for all!

With the Evoclear Salt Free Water Softener, you can finally start to enjoy dishes & glassware free of hard water spots. Not only will the nuisance of hard water spots be eliminated, you will also save money on appliances & plumbing.

No more limescale & no more hassle. Our salt free water softener requires no maintenance, doesn’t waste water & doesn’t use electricity. For homeowners looking for a hard water solution without the use of salt, the Evoclear No Salt Water Softener is choice of all choices.

saltless water softener

Benefits Of The Evoclear Salt Free System:

  • Effective At Reducing Limescale
  • Remove Existing Scale & Prevent Hard Water Buildup In Pipes, Faucets & Showerheads
  • Save Loads Of Money On Plumbing Problems & Appliances
  • Enjoy Spot-Free Glasses, Dishware & Shower doors (yuck!)
  • Give Your Family The Piece Of Mind Knowing Your Hard Water Problem Is Finally Conquered
  • Hassle & Maintenance Free & Yes We Really Mean It
  • No Paying For Salt Each Month Which Saves You Time & Money
  • Built To Last & Our Lifetime Warranty Says It All!
  • Provide Your Family With Naturally Soft Water Without That Grimy Feeling
  • No Wasting Water So You Won’t Feel Bad (remember that many people in this world don’t have access to water)
salt free water softener salt free water softener reviews

The Evoclear Salt Free Softener Works Wonders But How Does It Tackle Your Hard Water Problem?

We use one of the only tested and certified salt free anti-scale medias on the market today. The process is known as seed crystallization.

Hard water (calcium and magnesium) is transformed into microscopic nano crystals that are suspended in the process.

When the calcium and magnesium become suspended, the hard water is unable to form scale or lime scale deposits while it travels through your home.

The result? Scale-free faucets, pipes, shower heads and appliances. Any existing scale is slowly removed in a few weeks and the system prevents any scale from forming. There is no sodium or adverse health effects added to the water in the process.


One System That Will Last A Lifetime!

We have designed our tanks, valves and heads to last longer than almost any other system on the market. You will never have to replace a tank, valve or reinstall a whole new system. Once the Salt Free media inside the tank has reached their capacity, you simply replace it with brand new media.

Replacing the media is easy to do and can take less than 35 min. for any homeowner with a little bit of instruction. You simply disconnect the tank, remove the valve, dump out the expired media, refill the tank and reconnect.

Note -

For A Filter That Tackles Hard Water But Also Removes Chlorine & Other Contaminants, Click Here To Check Out The Evoclear Whole House Filter & Salt Free Softener Combination Series, Our Best Selling Water System!

Try It For 90 Days & Simply Love It!

We know our systems work at eliminating your hard water problem & that is why we are one of the only companies to offer a 90 day full money-back guarantee.

If for WHATEVER reason you aren’t completely thrilled with your new Evoclear Saltless Water Softener, simply send it back to us for a FULL refund. No questions asked & no fine print. Literally very few people return their system (less than 1%), but if you aren’t satisfied than we aren’t satisfied.

We’ve Got You Covered!

“What if my system stops working years from now? What happens if a part breaks down the road?" 

We know this worry and that is why we designed our systems to not only last, but our lifetime warranty speaks for itself. Our lifetime warranty covers the tank & valves with a 5 year warranty on the media.

Customers rarely ever have issues with our salt free softener but just knowing you are in good hands goes a long way.

no salt water softener

The Evoclear Salt Free System Includes:

  • Our bright & stylish stainless steel tanks not only look good, but are built to last! Where other companies skimp on the small things, we do the opposite & our stainless steel tanks are clear examples of this.
  • Our Top Of The Line Salt-Free Media Which Comes Inside The Tank Ready To Go
  • 4 FREE Sediment Filters (Plus Mounting Wrench) Which Filter Out Debris & Dirt To Ensure The Salt Free Media Lasts Longer
  • Big Blue Housing Unit For Housing The Sediment Filters

Why The Evoclear Salt Free Softener Over The “Other Guys”?

  • $400 Cheaper (in price, not quality) Than Comparable Systems On The Market
  • We Only Use The Best Parts (We Don’t Skimp On One Thing)
  • Lifetime Support So You Know You Are In Good Hands
  • Assembled RIght Here In The US To Ensure Quality Is Above Par
  • Try It For 90 Days & If You Don’t Love It, We'll Buy It Back From You For 100% Of What You Paid For It
  • We Offer A Lifetime Warranty On The Tank & Valves & 5 Years On The Media

Our Salt Free Water Softener:

  • Removes existing scale
  • Prevents scale buildup
  • Never scratches glasses in dishwasher
  • Eliminate shower door and tile soap scum
  • Eliminate calcium buildup in appliances and shower heads
  • Saves money and headaches from plumbing repairs And much more

Saltless water softeners

Simple, Clean, Effective

  • Zero Maintenance
  • No Backwashing
  • Salt-Free
  • No Draining
  • No Electricity
  • No Headaches... EVER!
No salt water softener system

Questions? Ready To Order?

Buy Evoclear Salt Free Water Softener today and experience the difference! Simply choose the 1-4 bathroom system or the 4+ bathroom system and click the add to cart button at the top of this page, or give us a call @ (866)596-7417 to place an order or to get any questions answered.

See Why Evoclear Is #1 & Request A Free Brochure

salt free water softener review

See Why Evoclear Is #1 & Request A Free Brochure

salt free water softener review