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Interested In Selling Evoclear Products?

Evoclear is looking for motivated dealers to sell our exclusive water filtration products. 

If you own your own plumbing company, or own a water filter company, or have access to customers that are interested in water filtration products, please contact us to learn more about our dealer opportunities.  

How It Works?

We have dealers across the United States but it is possible that we do not have any dealers in your area.  We allow only 1 dealer per area to ensure that we don't have dealers competing with eachother.  

Basically, all you have to do is apply to become a dealer and once approved we will train you on all our systems.  

Pros Of Becoming An Evoclear Dealer?

Lots of Flexible Opportunities - We are very flexible when working with our dealers.  We can ship out our systems directly to the customer or ship it out to you.  We also allow for whitelabel reselling so that you can sell the system at your own price. 

Huge Opportunities - As more and more people are getting rid of the old ugly salt water softeners and going with systems that do not require maintenance and do not waste water, there are huge untapped opportunities in almost every city across the US. 

Amazing Support - We are always here willing to help you.  Whether you need more information, more training or custom systems, we will do whatever we can to make a difference.  

Use The Evoclear Brand - Have you seen our amazing reviews?  People buy through us because they trust our brand.  Becoming a dealer with us will allow you to use our brand and gain instant trust with your potential customers. 

How Do You Become A Dealer?

Email us - sales@evoclearwater.com

or call us at (866)596-7417.

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