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Evoclear Salt Free Softener

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Evoclear Whole House Carbon Filter

Our Customers Love Us!

Eric- Oregon

“In addition to being able to drink clean tasting, no-odor water, even Louie, our St. Bernard, drinks now. A side effect is after a shower we noticed our hair is softer and skin feels better. Thank you Evoclear. Great people to work with and a Wonderful product. ”

George - Texas

“Hello Colin, I have had my system here in Texas, for about one month. I would like to say I am very pleased the way I can now drink tap water. So far it is working very well.”

Lauren L - Lake Forrest CA

“Love The system! Had it for a few months now and can't really say enough. So much better than your traditional salt system and finally no more sodium in the water. We are really glad we went with Evoclear for our water filtration system!”

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Why Choose Evoclear Over Those Other Water Filtration Systems?

No Fancy Gadgets Or Gimmicks

From our stylish stainless steel tanks all the way down to our coconut shell activated carbon media, we decided as a company that we would never skimp on the little things. Even the valves we use cost us 10 times more than what the leading whole house water filtration companies out there use, yet our systems are an average $400 more inexpensive.

Our Systems Simply Provide The Most Benefits At A Fraction Of The Price

Here at Evoclear, what you see is what you get. While other companies try and sell you every step of the way with those pestering sales pitches, with Evoclear we let our systems do the talking.

Although if you ever need any help, our down to earth "mom & pop" type staff will always be there rain or shine.

Whole House Systems That Are Reusable For Life

No need to buy a new system in ten years & no need to worry about how long your Evoclear system will last because our systems are reusable for life. Not to mention our lifetime guarantee will have you knowing you are in good hands.

Simply put… We make water filtration a piece of cake!

Evoclear is the one of the fastest growing whole house water filter & salt free water softener companies online with 1,000s of satisfied customers & a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

Instead of following the "other guys", we decided to change the industry, one customer at a time.

Our “Try It & Love It” 90 day money-back guarantee will alleviate any worry you have about purchasing an Evoclear System online. For whatever reason you aren’t satisfied, we will buy the system back from you for 100% of what you paid for it. No questions asked!

So… What are you waiting for? See why Evoclear is becoming the go-to water filtration company & start saving money & start enjoying the finer things in life like "better than bottled" quality water at every tap.

Ready To Get Started?

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For Soft Water, Go With The Salt Free Water Sotener.
For Safe Drinking Water, Go Evoclear Whole House Filter.
For Both Soft Water & Clean Drinking Water, Go With The Evoclear Whole House Filter & Salt Free Softener Combo.

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