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Our #1 Best Selling System - Evoclear Filter & Salt Free Softener Combo

  • Prevents Hard Water Buildup
  • Removes Existing Scale
  • Removes Chlorine & Other Harmful Chemicals

Finally Enjoy Soft & Delicious Tasting Water At Every Tap!

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Eric- Oregon

"In addition to being able to drink clean tasting, no-odor water, even Louie, our St. Bernard, drinks now. A side effect is after a shower we noticed our hair is softer and skin feels better. Thank you Evoclear. Great people to work with and a Wonderful product. "


Steve, Florida

"Hi guys,The system has been wonderful for us thus far. The obvious change for us has been the elimination of the chlorine. And it tastes great. What a relief to be able to drink straight from the tap! Thanks!


Lauren L - Lake Forrest CA

"Love The system! Had it for a few months now and can't really say enough. So much better than your traditional salt system and finally no more sodium in the water. We are really glad we went with Evoclear for our water filtration system!"



Evoclear Your #1 Choice For Salt-Free Water Softeners & Whole House Water Filters

Evoclear Salt -Free water softener systems (water conditioners) reduce limescale by 99.6% and prevent new grime and scale from forming. Zero maintenance, no ongoing expenses, and it keeps healthy minerals in your drinking water—where they belong.

Salt-Based softeners are loaded with frustration—lugging salt bags around, cleaning tanks regularly, & and losing healthy minerals! At Evoclear, we set out to design the perfect system to solve your problems, and not create new ones.

And we did just that. Your pipes, faucets, and dishes will thank you!

Evoclear systems provide the purest, cleanest, safest, healthiest water anywhere. Our maintenance-free guarantee, lifelong customer service, and lifetime warranty make us the company you’ve been dreaming about.

Filter & Salt-Free Softener Combo - Our Top Seller!

Makes your water safe and healthy, taste great, and better-than-bottled quality. Plus, super soft and gentle.

Kill two birds with one system!

This convenient, affordable, lifetime-guaranteed system does everything.

All natural. Salt-free. Maintenance-free. Strong water flow. Installs in no-time. NEVER needs replacement. Lifetime warranty.

More Amazing Benefits:

  • Your Family’s Health And Peace Of Mind
  • Save You LOADS OF Money On Plumbing Problems, Bottled Water, Soap, & More!
  • Give Your Water A Delicious Taste

Easy Installation

About 40% of our customers install the system themselves. Worried you’re not handy enough? Or do you simply not want to tinker? No problem! We’ll find you a trusted installer in your area--free of charge.

Why Evoclear?

  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Top Rated Customer Support

Lifetime Warranty

Our systems last as long as your home. That’s not just an empty promise. We stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee. If you ever need to fix or replace something, we’ll take care of it. No headaches or expensive repairs. At Evoclear, we don’t just protect your family’s health. We give you peace of mind.

90 Day “No Questions Asked” Full-Refund Guarantee

Purchasing a whole-house system can be nerve-racking. It’s a commitment. We get that. No worries. If you have second thoughts or regrets within 90 days, for whatever reason, we’ll fully refund your money. No Questions Asked! Yet another reason Evoclear is the company you can rely on.

Outstanding Customer Service

A long-term filtration system is more than a purchase. It’s an investment. You need a company that values its customers, and is out to ensure that your system works exactly the way it’s supposed to...for years to come.

Our rave reviews are living proof of how deeply we care about customer satisfaction—whether you purchased a day ago, or 10 years ago.

Buy from Evoclear once, you’re a customer for life. Our friendly and responsive staff will take care of your concerns, answer all your questions, and resolve your problems quickly and conveniently.

Cutting-Edge Features For Maximum Results:

  • Exclusive Blend Of Carbons For Maximum Filtration
  • Filter And Softener Specially Designed To Retain Calcium And Healthy Minerals
  • Chemical-Free
  • Nothing Added To Water
  • Zero Waste
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Environmentally Friendly using Filter Smart Technology
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Easy Installation

Say goodbye to ineffective replacement filters & bottled water. Our Whole House Carbon Filters remove up to 99% of chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents & hundreds of other unregulated contaminants.

But don't take our word for it. The EPA has stated that filtration with high quality carbon is one of the best ways to remove most contaminants found in drinking water. Plus, our carbon filters are made from all-natural coconut shell.

We promise that you will never be sold on ANY of our water softeners or whole house systems. You’ll find it refreshing to work with a company that just provides information, instead of trying to sell you at every step.


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